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Construction Law: Mechanic’s Liens in Maryland – The Basics – Updated

Here is an updated refresher on the basics of mechanic’s liens in Maryland for contractors, subcontractors, and owners.  Each party to a construction project should know the basics of mechanic’s liens in Maryland, including the timing of bringing forth a claim, notice requirements to the parties, and other considerations. The following list consists of some…

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Maryland Mechanic’s Liens: The Basics, Updated

In this new installment in our continuing discussion of mechanic’s liens in construction, we update the basics for proper exercise of this most vital right and remedy of contractors and subcontractors. Contractors and subcontractors must understand the basics regarding mechanic’s lien in Maryland in order to ensure they do not unintentionally waive any rights. These…

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Protecting Against Mechanic’s Liens

The Maryland Mechanic’s Lien law allows contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to bring claims directly against an owner of residential or commercial property, provided that the claimant meets certain procedural and substantive qualifications.  Additionally, Maryland contract law does not allow a contractor or subcontractor to waive their right to file a mechanic’s lien, even if the…

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