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Legal Opinion for Extended Verification SSL

Industry standards require Certification Authorities to obtain a Legal Opinion Letter that verifies certain facts about a business before issuing it an Extended Verification Secure Socket Layer (EV-SSL) Certification. Many companies choose to pursue an EV-SSL certificate for their website.  As part of this process, a Certification Authority (CA) will often require a Legal Opinion…

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Intellectual Property Law: A Better Solution for Stopping “Cybersquatters”

Perhaps the best space a business can own is not a physical space at all, but space on the internet, which usually means registering and owning a domain name.   A domain name is like home-sweet-home to a business and is often a target for trademark infringement.   Unscrupulous individuals, and sometimes even business competitors, may attempt…

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Firm Files Suit to Stop Unsavory Competition on

The Maryland Daily Record may have said it best in an article that stated “two companies could be headed for a high noon showdown in U.S. District Court over copyright infringement on engraved firearm parts.”      In a federal lawsuit that made recent headlines in Maryland’s premier business and legal newspaper, Bowie & Jensen LLC is…

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A Common Contract Clause Might Not Be So Useful After All

Most clauses that typically appear in contracts serve useful and important purposes. But a recent federal court decision sheds some doubt about the effectiveness of one type of clause that many contracts contain. The clause that the court considered was one that provided that, if one party breaches the contract the non-breaching party will be…

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Are You Really Covered?

An interesting federal appeals court case affirms an insurance coverage rule that all businesses that carry professional liability insurance should know. The case involved an accounting firm’s professional liability policy that started on July 1, 2008, which covered the firm in the event that it was held to be liable for, “an act or omission…

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Lock-Out Or Not, the Washington Redskins Lost

Lock-out or not, the Washington Redskins lost today. In court. A federal appeals court upheld a decision that the team violated the Americans With Disabilities Act by not providing three individuals who are deaf or hearing-impaired, with access to the lyrics to music played over the speakers at the Redskins’ home stadium, FedEx Field. The…

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Constitutionality of Requiring Vaccines for School Children

Yesterday the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which is the federal appeals court that has jurisdiction over federal courts in Maryland and other Mid-Atlantic states, upheld the constitutionality of a West Virginia law requiring all children to be immunized for diphtheria, polio, rubella, tetanus, and whooping cough as a condition to…

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