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Estate Planning: Prepare for the worst, and plan for a great Spring vacation

Spring vacation season approaches and people are beginning to plan on how to overfill suitcases with swimsuits, sunglasses and beach accessories. As families make arrangements to fly somewhere distant together, dark thoughts sometimes cross the sunny landscape. “What if the plane goes down with all of us aboard? Do I have a current Will? If…

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Government Contracts: Be Sure the Teammates Make the Cut

The “teaming” of businesses to achieve certain advantages for bidding on government contracts has picked up especially in the area of set-asides under the 2010 Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, encouraging the award of government work to legally defined small businesses. When a large business teams up with a small business to qualify for…

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Keeping Assets in the Family

Besides the basic tax bypass trust structure there are several ways of reducing exposure to estate tax, though most of them involve giving away control of an asset. The simplest of these is simply making gifts within the annual $13,000 gift tax exclusion. Larger gifts made by people with enough wealth to face estate tax…

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Court Takes A Peek Behind Corporate Veil

“Piercing the corporate veil” is a legal concept by which a court would look through a corporate entity to find the owners liable for the obligations of the business. In October of this year, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland considered piercing the corporate veil of a company that was being sued for payment…

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Built to Last – Business Succession

Building a successful business can take much of a lifetime; passing it along to the next generation should not consume all the rest. Succession planning, especially if the intended successors are family members, is essential both for purposes of estate planning and ensuring that the business legacy continues in capable hands. Numerous strategies are available.…

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