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NLRB Advice Memorandum Clarifies Law Regarding Employers’ Ability To Prohibit Employees From Disclosing Information About Misconduct Investigations

Employers investigating complaints or incidents of employee misconduct—such as sexual harassment in the workplace—have typically admonished employees to refrain from disclosing information about ongoing investigations.  Employers do so to protect the integrity of the investigation, the reputation of the accused employees, and the employees who lodge complaints or provide information from becoming targets for retaliation.

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Legislative Roundup: New Maryland Laws Affecting Employers

This year, in addition to the Pregnancy Disability Leave Act and the Military Deployment Leave Law (which are discussed elsewhere in the blog), Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law two bills affecting employees’ rights.  The first bill provided even more force to the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law, while the second introduced a new…

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Employment Law: Is Your Non-Compete Affordable to Enforce?

Employers Should Take Steps To Ensure That They Can Afford To Enforce Non-Disclosure And Non-Competition Agreements. For 10 years Mike Brown served as the Vice President of Sales for ABC Technologies which is located in Maryland.  In that capacity, Brown had: (1) supervised ABC’s sales staff; (2) developed close relationships with key customers and vendors;…

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Employment Law: New Laws for Employees with Wage Claims

A new Maryland labor and employment law incentivizes settling unpaid wage claims and may reduce court caseload. A new law that will go into effect on October 1st has effectively turned the tables on who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant in unpaid wage lawsuits by allowing for the creation of wage liens. 

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Employment Law: You May Be Personally Liable for Unpaid Wages

A recent Maryland high-court decision has expanded liability under the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law (“Wage Payment Act”) to individual officers, directors, stockholders and supervisors who exert sufficient control over the employment relationship. In Campusano v. Lusitano Construction LLC, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland discussed the “economic reality test”, which is historically…

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Employment Law: Top Employer Concerns for 2013

Many employers may be surprised to learn that their personnel policies and procedures may actually violate the National Labor Relations Act, especially if they operate in a union-free environment.  Here are the top concerns employers should be made aware of in 2013.  Employee Manual Language Under the National Labor Relations Act (NRLA), non-union employees have…

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Bowie & Jensen Attorney Testifies to the Maryland House of Delegates Against HB599

Bowie & Jensen LLC attorney Michael Smith testified against HB599 on behalf of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce in a recent reading before the Judicial Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates.  On January 31st Maryland Delegates Glenn and Conoway introduced HB599 a bill which would require companies with 10 or more employees to compensate…

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