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10 New Year's Resolutions for your Company

Here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business that will get this year off to a great start!  Be clear and concise about company policies. Review your employee manual and other policies for any necessary updates. If you don’t have one to review and update, set a firm deadline for drafting one. Green your…

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Forfeiture of a Charter: Additional Issues That Arise for LLC's

When the Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation (the “SDAT”) forfeits an entity’s charter, that entity can no longer transact business in Maryland. While losing the right to transact business creates problems for any type of entity, there are some additional issues specific to LLCs. For example, the Maryland General Corporation Law (the “Corporations…

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Court Takes A Peek Behind Corporate Veil

“Piercing the corporate veil” is a legal concept by which a court would look through a corporate entity to find the owners liable for the obligations of the business. In October of this year, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland considered piercing the corporate veil of a company that was being sued for payment…

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Protecting Your Company's Trade Secrets: PayPal vs. Google

The United States is a country built on entrepreneurship and inventions. Many hockey players would say the best US invention is the Zamboni. During July in Maryland, my favorite invention is air-conditioning! From cars to airplanes to even crayons, American businesses have developed wonderful ideas, processes and trade secrets to make their company’s profitable. But…

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Avoiding a Fair Use Fiasco

FAIR USE FIASCO – BE CAREFUL USING *ANY* IMAGE ONLINE by Mike Oliver The internet is littered with millions of images – taken by professional and amateur photographers alike, that contain NO identification of the author of the image. In part, this may be because it is not known, and in part it could be…

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How to Work with Procurement Officers on MBE Contracts

Contractors in Maryland familiar with State and County procurement have likely experienced the heavy handed scrutiny of their Minority Business Enterprise (“MBE”) participation forms contained in their bid submissions. Quite often the procurement officer will reject bids for very minor irregularities in the MBE forms. For example, this law firm represented a contractor who submitted…

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Maryland General Assembly Update

The 2011 regular legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly was relatively quiet as far as changes to tax law are concerned. Nonetheless, there were a few changes of note for businesses and their owners: The sales and use tax on alcoholic beverages will increase from the generally applicable rate of 6% to 9% on…

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Protecting Your Work Online

Dilemma: You find out that a company has copied an article that you created from your website, and it is using it on its website as if it had written the article itself. You want to stop them from using your article but you do not have a copyright registration for anything on your website.…

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Calling All Authors – Protect Yourself Before You Publish

You have finally finished your manuscript and are looking to close your publishing deal. The next, critical step is to retain counsel to provide legal advice on any publishing agreement. Publishing companies, in general, will use a form agreement in negotiations with an author. Keep in mind, however, that form agreements are usually drafted by…

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Built to Last – Business Succession

Building a successful business can take much of a lifetime; passing it along to the next generation should not consume all the rest. Succession planning, especially if the intended successors are family members, is essential both for purposes of estate planning and ensuring that the business legacy continues in capable hands. Numerous strategies are available.…

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