Practice Areas

Business Transactions

Bowie & Jensen’s business transactions group includes attorneys with a breadth and depth of practical experience and legal knowledge to help clients recognize, evaluate, and capitalize on opportunities in business.

We help clients identify their business goals and then develop strategies and tactics to achieve them.

The firm’s transactional attorneys understand the speed of business and the time frames and pressures facing our clients. We are quick and efficient and understand that the goal is to get it done.

We devote our practice to business transactions. This focus enables us to deepen our knowledge beyond the law to the particular workings of the businesses we serve. At Bowie & Jensen, we are able to help clients understand the rewards, risks and likely results of pursuing one course of action over another and working through any opposition or obstacles encountered along the way. We understand that your business depends on getting deals done. We’re here to make that happen.

At Bowie & Jensen we are practical and take initiative. We seek a clear understanding of a client’s goals in each transaction and present the client with clear and realistic business and legal advice.

Practice Area Focus

The range of our transactional practice is as broad as your business needs, both current and future. They range from the common:

  • contract negotiation
  • commercial lending
  • securing payment
  • complex analysis of factual situations to identify leverage points and opportunities to achieve success

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