Representative Clients


  • Award winning commercial stone and paver contractor in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas
  • Local bonding agency that procures bid, payment and performance bonds for contractors
  • Locally owned glass and glazing contractor, servicing residential and commercial clients in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area
  • Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of commercial HVAC equipment for large industrial and commercial applications
  • Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of fixed seating for stadium, theater and auditorium projects


  • Employee staffing companies, including companies that provide staffing to federal government agencies
  • Union and non-union specialty trade contractors that perform work in both the public and private sectors


  • International movie and television distributor

General Contactors

  • Company that designs, fabricates and installs customized industrial refrigeration systems
  • Concrete and terrazzo polishing contractor, serving the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Electrical and communication contractors serving commercial, industrial, residential and retail markets throughout Maryland and across the country

General Business

  • Automobile paint supplier, serving the clients throughout the East Coast
  • Industry-leading company in research, development and manufacturing of high-quality health supplements for humans and animals that sells internationally
  • International education services and academic support provider
  • National leader in providing education services and compliance solutions in the financial services, real estate and IT industries
  • Premium, regional grocery chain


  • International financial and treasury software developer and licensor
  • National telecommunications company
  • Regional computer systems integrator

Land Use and Zoning

  • Development and land use assistance for developers, buyers and sellers of real estate
  • Land use, zoning, legislative assistance and local real estate issues in Maryland for a national railroad
  • Litigation, zoning and land use for various developers of commercial real estate, shopping centers and housing developments

Minority Business

  • Local, minority-owned architectural design firm
  • Roofing and siding minority owned contractor providing services in Maryland, Washington D.C. on public and private projects ranging from single-family, residential homes to large commercial construction

Real Estate

  • Drafting and negotiating leases, ground leases, easements and real estate entity documents for all sizes and types of developers and owners
  • Locally owned residential apartment complex

Small Businesses and Start-Ups

  • Locally owned start-ups and established small businesses concentrating in security; publishing; merchandising; kitchen, window and door installation; physical fitness and dance
  • Consumer product companies offering various products including lacrosse gear, coffee, soft drinks, t-shirts, mall and airport electronics kiosks, etc.