Tax and Corporate Law

Major Supreme Court Decision on Sales Tax and Internet Sales

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court decided that an out-of-state seller can be required to collect sales tax in a state even if the seller doesn’t have a physical presence there. In doing so, the Court expressly overruled its own longstanding precedent. The primary practical impact of the decision is that internet sellers…

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Tax Law: Fiscal Cliff Notes and the Tax ramifications of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and Sequester Cuts

The “sequester” recently gobbled up headlines across national media. It has developed so much hype that many may have forgotten they already watched this movie’s first installment earlier in the year called “The Fiscal Cliff.” The American Taxpayer Relief Act was the federal government’s initial solution to the fiscal cliff. It was described as a…

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Tax Law: Important Information Regarding Accu-pay Inc. the “Payroll Specialists”

Bowie-Jensen, LLC wishes to alert our clients about a recent development involving a local payroll company called Accu-pay Incorporated in Bel Air, Maryland.  If your business employed Accu-pay to manage your employee’s payrolls, your payroll taxes may have been withheld from the IRS.  Wags Inc. also known as the Emergency Animal Hospital filed suit in…

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Mortgages Deemed Enforceable Despite Missing Affidavits

A recent court ruling affirmed the reach of Maryland’s “Curative Statute” to excuse certain missing formalities in the recordation of a lien on real property, though the long course of the litigation suggests lien creditors are better off getting it right the first time.  Recently, deeds of trust, the mortgage-equivalent instruments used in Maryland to…

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O'Malley's Amazon Tax

Governor O’Malley’s 2013 budget bill includes an “Amazon tax” provision similar to ones that are being considered and have been adopted by other states. The proposed law applies to online retailers located outside the state with affiliates in Maryland who receive benefits for referring potential customers to the out-of-state seller. Under the proposed law, that…

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Don't Delay in Responding to Maryland State Tax Assessments

If you receive a notice of tax assessment from the Comptroller of Maryland and you don’t agree with it, don’t sit on it. You have only 30 days from the date of the notice to either appeal the assessment or pay it and claim a refund. If you don’t appeal or pay and claim a…

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Forfeiture of a Charter: Additional Issues That Arise for LLC's

When the Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation (the “SDAT”) forfeits an entity’s charter, that entity can no longer transact business in Maryland. While losing the right to transact business creates problems for any type of entity, there are some additional issues specific to LLCs. For example, the Maryland General Corporation Law (the “Corporations…

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Maryland General Assembly Update

The 2011 regular legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly was relatively quiet as far as changes to tax law are concerned. Nonetheless, there were a few changes of note for businesses and their owners: The sales and use tax on alcoholic beverages will increase from the generally applicable rate of 6% to 9% on…

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