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Partner Matt Esworthy Speaker on Cybercrime Law podcast

October 18, 2021

Partner Matt Esworthy was a speaker on last week’s Cybercrime Law podcast. Jody Westby from Global Cyber Risk LLC and Matt join the podcast to give background on the escalation in cybercrime and what the gaps are in our laws.

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Intellectual Property Law: Size Matters for TVs on Super Bowl Sunday

January 30, 2013

A familiar question dependably re-emerges at about this time each year. It essentially asks “can I get in copyright trouble for having a Super Bowl party with a big screen TV?” This post gives you some ground rules in order

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Intellectual Property Law: An Overview of Custom Software Ownership

January 9, 2013

Companies sometimes pay large sums of money to independent contractors to create a custom software program and mistakenly assume that they own the result. Many companies have valuable intellectual property developed within their business, one of which is rights in

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University of Alabama seeing Crimson over recent ruling?

June 18, 2012

In University of Alabama v New Life Art, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals resolved a portion of a long standing dispute over the protection afforded authentic reproductions of college uniforms.  A painter made paintings (and calendars) accurately depicting University

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Recent court decision in Oracle v Google raises serious copyright questions in certain types of software

June 5, 2012

In a decision in the Oracle v Google case, the court held that APIs – application program interfaces – small amounts of human readable source code, are not sufficiently original to qualify as copyrights.  This decision can impact API licenses,

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