With new information about Mayor Catherine Pugh’s book deals with nonprofits and businesses coming to light daily, and with one investigation already underway, Baltimore attorneys cautioned that it was unclear what, if any, laws may have been violated and that Pugh enjoys the presumption of innocence. Now on a leave of absence, Pugh is currently under scrutiny for accepting more than $600,000 for her “Healthy Holly” books.

Bowie & Jensen’s own Matthew Esworthy was quoted on the subject in a recent article in the Daily Record, saying that investigations of this nature ““have a tendency to explode” when enough people start paying attention. “I think the State Prosecutor’s Office is going to take their time and do it right,” he said. “I don’t think anyone wants to falsely accuse the mayor of anything.”

“The optics don’t look great.” Esworthy continued,  “However, (Pugh) certainly could have done everything within the letter of the law,” he said. “It’s really too early to say that she’s done something wrong.” Others agreed that, at a minimum, Pugh has an issue with “optics” as more becomes known about the Healthy Holly situation.

“The tendrils of this are going to reach far and wide,” Esworthy said. “This certainly seems to be more serious than the Sheila Dixon criminal case.”

The full article from the Daily Record, entitled, “Local attorneys wait to see the full scope of Pugh’s legal woes” can be viewed by clicking here.