Esworthy Quoted in the Maryland Daily Record Article: How Lawyers Can Help Business Before – and After – Disasters Strike

Matt Esworthy was recently quoted in an article published by the Maryland Daily Record, “How Lawyers Can Help Business Before – And After – Disasters Strike”.

“While most carriers offer some form of cyber insurance, businesses have to take certain steps and make sure they know what they’re buying, said attorney Matthew Esworthy. “Cyber insurance is a buzzword being thrown around, but it’s quite an undertaking,” said Esworthy, partner at Bowie & Jensen, LLC in Towson.”

“(Esworthy) encourages clients to consult with information technology experts to help them get organized and have good policies in place before seeking out cyber insurance. “Insurance carriers are all going to want to see that anyway,” Esworthy said.

“It’s important for businesses to take their own preventative steps before getting insurance because if a business isn’t candid about their data security situation, or haven’t taken the necessary steps to get the most out of cyber insurance, then the insurance company may try to get out of covering the damage if there is a breach, Esworthy said.”

“If you don’t understand what you have and where it’s stored, how can you possibly protect it?”

The article can be read in its entirety by clicking here.