Firm Partner, Josh Glikin, led a team of attorneys who successfully defeated a nationwide consumer class action against Target Corporation and another firm client that supplies Target with its grated parmesan cheese.  After successfully consolidating multiple federal court actions filed around the country for purposes of efficiency, the firm persuaded a federal court in Illinois, where all actions had been consolidated, to dismiss the consumer plaintiffs’ claims that Target’s “100% Grated Parmesan Cheese” products were falsely advertised.  The case, which was heavily reported in the media, involved complex issues related to advertising law and Food and Drug Administration regulations.

The firm’s class action defense lawyers, including partner Michael Siri, have enjoyed significant recent success.  Earlier this year, Mr. Siri successfully defeated a class action claim by a group of employees who sued a firm client, alleging that it failed to pay them overtime.   Before that, Mr. Glikin was lead counsel for Target Corp., Wal-Mart, and Nutramax Laboratories, Inc., in defense of a consumer false advertising class action concerning nutritional supplement products.   Additionally, the firm defended those consumer class action claims, resulting in a dismissal of multiple federal lawsuits without any further liability or obligation to the firm’s clients.