Josh Glikin successfully tried a case in the Circuit Court for Carroll County concerning a client’s former Sales Manager who had breached an employment contract and misappropriated the client’s trade secrets, by secretly diverting client business to his own company.  Mr. Glikin’s client proved that the former Sales Manager had also destroyed documents that pertained to his activities, and obtained a Court Order imposing sanctions on the former employee.   Mr. Glikin secured a victory on all claims, and at the conclusion of the trial, the Court awarded Mr. Glikin’s client 100% of the damages award that Mr. Glikin sought.  The Court also imposed a judgment of joint liability against the former sales manager’s wife and the couple’s two competing companies, to avoid a shuffling and hiding of assets amongst spouses and entities.

Josh is a seasoned litigator and former news broadcaster and producer, Josh represents clients in intellectual property and business disputes in federal courts across the country.  He also advises entrepreneurs and established companies on trademark protection, data security and other topics to help them mitigate the risk of future litigation.