Josh Glikin successfully defended a complex trade secrets theft lawsuit against a firm client involving web-based software applications, leading to a settlement for the firm client on favorable terms.  The firm’s client was accused of having misappropriated certain trade secrets alleged to have been embedded in the plaintiff’s software code.  Working with a software expert, however, Mr. Glikin unraveled the Plaintiff’s claims by establishing that the very code that plaintiff claimed was its trade secret, was “open source” code that is publicly available in one or more online public code repositories.  Mr. Glikin’s work with a damages expert also established that Plaintiff’s theory of damages was not viable or defensible.

Josh is a seasoned litigator and former news broadcaster and producer, Josh represents clients in intellectual property and business disputes in federal courts across the country.  He also advises entrepreneurs and established companies on trademark protection, data security and other topics to help them mitigate the risk of future litigation.