Josh Glikin secured a victory on all race discrimination claims brought by a client’s former employee in an Illinois federal court.  The plaintiff, who worked out of the firm client’s Chicago office, was fired for poor performance and insubordination.  He brought suit shortly after his termination, alleging that the firm client had routinely discriminated against him, creating a hostile work environment.  He also claimed that his termination was predicated on his race.  Based on critical admissions that Mr. Glikin obtained from the plaintiff during a deposition, the Court agreed with Mr. Glikin that all of the plaintiff’s claims lacked merit.  It dismissed all of the plaintiff’s claims before trial and ordered the plaintiff to pay the client’s court costs.

Josh is a seasoned litigator and former news broadcaster and producer, Josh represents clients in intellectual property and business disputes in federal courts across the country.  He also advises entrepreneurs and established companies on trademark protection, data security and other topics to help them mitigate the risk of future litigation.