Josh Glikin obtained a very rare dismissal with prejudice of four class action lawsuits brought in federal courts around the country, alleging that a firm client’s products were false advertised.  Mr. Glikin first succeeded in consolidating the cases from around the country, into a single case in Maryland’s federal court, resulting in a significant savings to the client.  The plaintiff alleged that Mr. Glikin’s client had falsely advertised products sold in nearly every drug, grocery and warehouse store around the country, and demanded that the Court certify a class of consumers that would have numbered in the millions.  Through vigorous defense of these claims, Mr. Glikin secured a dismissal of every lawsuit before any consumer class had been certified.

Josh is a seasoned litigator and former news broadcaster and producer, Josh represents clients in intellectual property and business disputes in federal courts across the country.  He also advises entrepreneurs and established companies on trademark protection, data security and other topics to help them mitigate the risk of future litigation.