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ABC2 Interviews Priscilla Carroll on Flooding Issues for Small Businesses

Bowie & Jensen Commercial Real Estate attorney, Priscilla K. Carroll, recently spoke with ABC2 about recent flooding issues that small business owners in Baltimore have been facing.

Over the last few years, several business owners in a business park near White Marsh have been dealing with chronic flooding that they say is a result of highway improvement projects. These projects were originally designed to improve the flow of traffic. Unfortunately, due to these projects, heavy rainfall causes White Marsh Run to rise significantly, completely flooding several properties in the White Marsh Business Park area.

One of the companies, Better Engineering, is now suing the county and state to fix the flooding problems, and recover damages, which they have estimated at over $75,000, according to ABC2.  The local companies recently hired an engineer to help provide possible solutions to the flooding, however, no action has been taken to this point.

In an interview with ABC2, Priscilla Carroll stated: “It’s the state saying the county’s responsibility, and the county saying the state’s responsibility.”  “Nobody is saying it doesn’t need to be fixed, and nobody is saying there isn’t a fix, it’s just who is going to take responsibility.”

The state and county now have 30-days to file a response in the Baltimore County Circuit Court.  To read the full article, click here.