Bowie & Jensen Business Litigation attorney, Matt Hjortsberg, was recently quoted in the Baltimore Sun regarding a flooding crisis in Baltimore County.  Business owners are suing Baltimore County and the State of Maryland over chronic flooding that they say was caused by ongoing highway improvement and stream restoration projects that were initiated several years ago. 

Originally, these projects were designed to improve the flow of highway traffic and protect local waterways from runoff.  Although the stream restoration was originally intended to prevent flooding downstream, business owners are alleging that these projects have increased the flooding on their properties. Multiple businesses in the area have experienced flooding so severe that there have been instances where workers have been trapped on the properties. Additionally, business owners have faced thousands of dollars in property damage as a result. 

The owners are now suing to force the local government to fix the issue and to recover damages.  An engineer was previously hired in hopes of providing resolve for the issues, but the ideas that have been proposed have not been implemented, according to Matt Hjortsberg.  “Each one is pointing to the other,” with neither the county nor state agreeing to make any fixes.  Neither has been required to file a response in the Baltimore County Circuit Court, where the case was filed.

Matt Hjortsberg said that the business owners want officials “to come to the table to resolve the problem.”

The business owners now claim that they are unable to expand their buildings because their property is located in what is effectively a flood plain. They also believe that the chronic flooding has cost them about half of their property value.

To learn more about the details of this story, read the full article here.