largeBowie & Jensen is a proud sponsor of the Community Law in Action’s (CLIA) upcoming event, Art with a Story. This event will consist of an evening filled with live entertainment, storytelling and visual art to honor Youth Justice Awareness Month.

Art with a Story will commence with a powerful gallery exhibit showcasing multimedia self-portraits that depict the dreams of youth that have been broken or ruined by the collateral consequences of being automatically charged as an adult with a crime. The second half of the evening will feature live performances and vignettes that depict how young people experience the barriers that come with having an adult criminal record.

The event is scheduled for October 27, 2015 at the Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD at 6:00 p.m. All proceeds raised from this event will directly benefit the Just Kids Campaign, a statewide advocacy campaign working to stop the automatic prosecution of youth as adults in Maryland, to engage those who have been directly impacted by the system and help build awareness around the issue.

CLIA is a nonprofit organization that works to develop young people into leaders by connecting them to opportunities that allow them to amplify their voices, cultivate their skills and actively participate in the process of positive community change. Bowie & Jensen Senior Associate, Gary Almeter serves on the organization’s Board of Directors. Learn more about CLIA’s work and mission here.