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2015 Super Lawyers at Bowie & Jensen LLC

Once again the attorneys at Bowie & Jensen LLC have been selected to the 2015 Maryland Super Lawyers and 2015 Maryland Rising Stars lists. Super Lawyers annually recognizes attorneys across the country who have excelled in their legal practice and achieved a high-degree of peer recognition. Attorneys undergo a thorough, patented selection process in order…

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Start Over: New Foreclosure Requires a New Notice

Homeowners who have fought off foreclosure before deserve a new notice from the lender if foreclosure looms again, as Maryland’s highest court interprets the state’s foreclosure provisions strictly to require notice each time the process is started or re-started. The Maryland Court of Appeals, Maryland’s highest court, recently held that lenders must give residential borrowers…

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Critical Construction Clauses: Termination for Convenience

Two people walking down the wedding aisle rarely think at the time about how to divide their assets in the event of a divorce. In some circumstances, however, the couple will have entered into a prenuptial agreement, outlining the property and financial rights of each spouse in such an event. Most construction contracts, however, do…

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Are We Working Yet? When Getting Ready Is “Integral” to the Job

Courts have struggled over the years to define which of the tasks involved in preparing for work, as well as leaving it, are “compensable” to employees. Disparate results have been difficult to reconcile with each other. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court set a more specific standard for sorting out that issue. The Portal-To-Portal Act (“the…

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Face the Music Promptly or Lose Your Rights to It

New York’s top appellate court recently affirmed a lower court ruling against the estate of Duke Ellington in a claim brought against the jazz legend’s record company, EMI. The plaintiff, Ellington’s grandson, filed suit to recover royalties claimed to be due the estate under a U.S copyright renewal agreement from 1961 that covered certain relevant…

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