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Limits to Enhanced Damages under Maryland’s Wage Law: Peters v. Early Healthcare Giver, Inc. (2014)

Maryland employers are particularly wary of employee wage claims because Maryland’s Wage Payment and Collection Law (“WPCL”) provides for enhanced damages (i.e., three times the amount of withheld wages) and attorney’s fees to a prevailing plaintiff in certain situations. However, the Maryland Court of Appeals has recently placed restrictions on a plaintiff’s right to enhanced…

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Contractual Language that can Inadvertently Destroy “At-Will” Employment: Spacesaver Sys., Inc. v. Adam (2014)

Recently, the Maryland Court of Appeals discussed a new restraint on the State’s “at-will” employment doctrine, one that is triggered by language commonly found in employment agreements.  Specifically, the Court held that an employment contract clause providing that the employee could be terminated “for-cause,” negates the presumption of at-will employment, thereby precluding an employer from…

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