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Shorts Season: Should your company implement a dress code?

The employment law attorneys at Bowie & Jensen explain personnel policies in relation to dress codes. As the end of what has been a brutal winter nears, Marylanders are ready to welcome milder weather by trading corduroys for khakis and sweaters for polo shirts. Many employers have implemented or may consider implementing office dress codes…

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Maryland Employment Law: Checking References

The employment law attorneys at Bowie & Jensen explain what hiring managers can and cannot ask a job candidate’s references. Until several years ago, employers could expect to get important information about job applicants’ skill, integrity, work habits, personality, and attendance by asking their prior employers for a reference.  Employees, however, successfully cut off the…

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Be Precise With Patriotic Labels

“Made in the USA” is an advertising claim that appeals to many American consumers as patriotic and as a stimulus to the American economy. In making such claims, however, manufacturers and marketers should take care to comply with regulatory standards for the truthfulness of any “Made in USA” labeling. A basic tenet of advertising law…

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Overhaul of Overtime Rules Is Coming: Shape Remains Unclear

A recent presidential order is likely to bring major changes in how employees are classified as qualifying for overtime pay, or as being exempt from it. The current rules, drafted when many employees were easily characterized as blue collar workers in manufacturing, will be updated to apply to the current, more service-oriented employment economy. The…

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Contractors Beware of Your Standing Within Home Improvement Law

The Maryland Home Improvement Law (“MHIL”) protects homeowners from unlicensed home improvement contractors, but it affords no such protections between contractors, such as an when an unlicensed subcontractor works for a licensed general contractor. The MHIL requires any contractor “who performs or offers or agrees to perform a home improvement for an owner” to first…

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Where’s the Evidence? Without It, You May Be a Spoliator

Your business document retention practices may come into unwanted scrutiny in a lawsuit, with consequences that shift the odds against you. Among your emails to and from your company email address, your wastepaper baskets, the files in your desk, the files in the metal cabinets down the hall, the texts on your company iPhone, the…

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Company Size Matters: Affordable Care Act Basics for Employers

Several provisions of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) have significant implications for employers of all different sizes. As these begin to take effect, though sometimes subject to postponement, it is time for employers to become familiar with them. Below are some of the essential points of the ACA for employers to know. Before delving into…

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2014 Super Lawyers

Bowie & Jensen has Seven Super Lawyers Congratulations to Mark Jensen, Robert Bowie, Jr., Matt Hjortsberg, Michael Siri, Josh Glikin, Priscilla Carroll, and William McComas on their inclusions to the 2014 Super Lawyers.  They have been selected by their peers based on a rigorous, multi-phased selection process.  A special congratulations to Matt Hjortsberg on his…

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Residential Landlord Considerations

Understanding police and emergency situations can prevent legal troubles.  Emergency and other police matters involving tenants can represent difficult situations for residential landlords, and can potentially lead to legal issues if not properly handled. A landlord will want to be cognizant of instances when permitting emergency personnel and law enforcement entry into leased apartments may…

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Maryland Construction Law: No Action Provisions

By: Matt Hjortsberg In a case arising out of the to construction of the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has ruled that the general contractor forfeited its right to collect literally tens of millions of dollars from its insurance carrier.

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