Business Law: M&As, The Real Deal

Firm partner and founder, Mark T. Jensen, is a contributor to ‘The Real Deal’, a special supplement about mergers & acquisitions in the Baltimore Business Journal.

Small, privately held companies dominate the state and national economy. Nationally, 97.7% of U.S. employers are small businesses and 49.2% of the private sector work force is employed by a small business. In Maryland,  529,743 small businesses make up 97.5% of all employers and employ 51.6% of the private sector work force, while 79.9% of these same small businesses employ 20 or fewer people.

The life of a small business virtually always involves a sale, merger, private investment, new owners coming into the business, existing owners leaving the business, and or the acquisitions of other businesses. Family businesses pass to the next generation. Private equity funds invest in a start-up. Owners sell to a third party to fund retirement, or to escape a downward spiral. Partners buy each other out as part of a planned succession or due to a dispute.

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Link to PDF file: M&A Real Deal