Sisi Ni Amani Kenya (SNA-K) is a non-profit organization that successfully uses mobile phone technology to promote peace across all sectors of Kenyan society. Sisi Ni Amani, or “We are Peace” in Swahili uses text messaging and other means of communication to prevent violence and increase civic engagement and education in Kenyan elections.  Sisi Ni Amani Kenya  works in three main program areas: SMS-based programming for civic engagement and peace; mitigating land conflict through dialogue and education; and civic engagement through forums and debates.

Sisi Ni Amani’s most recent success was during Kenya’s general election in March 2013. The organization sent 682,227 messages to over 65,000 subscribers, reaching them directly on their phones with voter education and violence prevention messages.

The organization has received in-kind support from Kenya’s largest mobile service provider, Safaricom, and from Ogilvy & Mather’s New York office.

Sisi Ni Amani Kenya is also part of the PeaceTXT collaborative, which seeks to draw lessons about how a communication-based approach can be used for violence prevention. Partners in this initiative include Cure Violence (formerly known as CeaseFire), which works on gang violence prevention in the United States and partners with Safe Streets in Baltimore.

Sisi Ni Amani Kenya is featured in a new documentary called Peace in Our Pockets. Watch the trailer for the film here.  SNA-K was also recently featured in The Economist, Businessweek, CNN, Quartz, Capital FM (a Kenyan radio station) and NTV (a Kenyan television station), and iRevolution for its violence prevention work during Kenya’s recent General Election.  As a PopTech Social Innovation Fellow, SNA-K’s Founder Rachel Brown recently spoke at PopTech’s 2012 annual conference. The video can be viewed here.

The firm recently held an event to recognize Sisi Ni Amani’s exceptional success and charity work.