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Construction Law: Mechanic’s Lien Against Commercial Tenants

Mechanic’s liens in Maryland allow a general or subcontractor to obtain a lien on the building on which they performed work or supplied materials.  In commercial real property, however, some confusion may arise as to the definition of “owner” as outlined in the Maryland Mechanic’s Lien Statute.

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Government Contracts: Doing Exactly What the RFP Says

Always make sure to submit proposals to government agencies in exactly the format for which the Request for Proposals (RFP) asks.  It is the offeror’s responsibility to meet the expectations of the RFP, and the government agency has no duty to adapt their standards to incorrectly submitted proposals.

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Employment Law: Is Your Non-Compete Affordable to Enforce?

Employers Should Take Steps To Ensure That They Can Afford To Enforce Non-Disclosure And Non-Competition Agreements. For 10 years Mike Brown served as the Vice President of Sales for ABC Technologies which is located in Maryland.  In that capacity, Brown had: (1) supervised ABC’s sales staff; (2) developed close relationships with key customers and vendors;…

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Mark Jensen Named Secretary of Evapco Inc. and to Serve on Board of Directors

Bowie & Jensen co-founder and partner Mark Jensen was appointed to the Board of Directors of Evapco Incorporated. He will serve as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the company based out of Taneytown, Maryland. Evapco Inc. is an international manufacturing company with locations throughout the US, Europe and Asia.    Mr. Jensen brings…

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Government Contracts: Past Performance of Sub-Contractors

Government agencies must take into account all past performance that they are aware of when evaluating proposals for past performance, including information from other proposals.  In a recent decision, the GAO said that, where two proposals use the same sub-contractor to show past performance in similar projects, it is unreasonable for the evaluating agency to…

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Employment Law: Employers Now Required To Accommodate Pregnancy-Related Disabilities

In May 2013, Governor Martin O’Malley signed a law passed by the Maryland Legislature which requires employers with at least 15 employees to provide reasonable accommodations for employees diagnosed with a disability caused or contributed to by pregnancy.  Maryland’s employment discrimination statute has defined a “disability” to include a: (1) physical disability or infirmity or…

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