Melody Tagliaferri Cronin, a talented young lawyer with great promise, bravely battled leukemia for nearly 2 years. She was always optimistic, always smiling, and never gave up.

During her short legal career, she demonstrated a dedication to pro bono work, and was awarded both the Maryland State Bar Association‘s Young Lawyers Section Distinguished Service Award, and the Maryland State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Alex Fee Award for her work with the Wills for Heroes Foundation.

Michael Siri, one of Mel’s friends from the Young Lawyers Section of the Maryland State Bar Association remembered Tagliaferri Cronin’s efforts to build the Young Lawyers’ Wills for Heroes program, “She really took it and got it off the ground.  She really enjoyed giving back to other people.”

On February 24, 2013, Mel passed away.   Before her death, she dedicated herself to raising money for Leukemia research and helped collect $50,000 in her last two years.  The Melody Foundation, established in her honor is close to reaching $20,000 in donations. 

To honor her memory, and her dedication to community service, Maryland attorneys are joining together in an effort to add donors to the national bone marrow registry in order to give leukemia patients a chance at life.

Thursday May 9th, her friends and colleagues are hosting a bone marrow registry drive at four sites around Baltimore County.  All four locations are open to the public from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

The goal of the registry drive is to increase the number of potential bone marrow donors.  The process involves a swab of the inner cheek to collect cells.  The process is not invasive and it is essential for finding potential matches.  Being in the registry does not necessarily mean that a bone marrow donation is inevitable.  Sometimes a transplant is not necessarily a cure for leukemia patients. 

The bone marrow registry drive reflects the generous spirit of a vibrant young lawyer who brought hope to others suffering from leukemia.

For more information please visit the Maryland Daily Record‘s article “Memory of Young Lawyer Spurs Marrow Registry Drive