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Employment Law: New Laws for Employees with Wage Claims

A new Maryland labor and employment law incentivizes settling unpaid wage claims and may reduce court caseload. A new law that will go into effect on October 1st has effectively turned the tables on who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant in unpaid wage lawsuits by allowing for the creation of wage liens. 

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Around Town Updates by Mark Jensen: Recap of ETC's Business Development Panel

Several companies in the Canton Emerging Technology Center recently reached out for advice on business development.  My good friend Andrew Rose (Director of Marketing & Business Development at Naden/Lean, LLC) graciously agreed to organize a panel to discuss business development (not marketing and not sales) with ETC companies.  It was my pleasure to join Nigel…

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In-N-Out Burger Settles its Beef with Grab-N-Go

Bowie & Jensen’s Joshua A. Glikin represented famous West Coast burger joint In-N-Out Burger against a restaurant formerly called Grab-N-Go in Aberdeen, Maryland. Glikin successfully negotiated a settlement in federal court that has since led the opposing side to change their name.

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Bowie and Jensen, LLC Sponsors Oxfam Trailwalker

Bowie and Jensen, LLC sponsored Message System’s Team Momentum in the May Oxfam Traillwalker event in Japan.  Oxfam Trailwalker, “the world’s greatest team challenge” is an endurance fundraising event in which teams of four complete at 100km hike through bush terrain in 48 hours.  Donations raised from the Oxfam Trailwalker event are used to help…

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Insurance Defense: Reservation of Rights Letter

An insured may choose its own attorney to defend a lawsuit if the insurer issues a reservation of rights letter.  Virtually all liability policies, including policies which cover employment-related claims, obligate insurers to defend lawsuits filed against their insureds.  As a consequence, insurers typically hire and pay attorneys to defend claims, in part because the…

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Insurance Defense: Volunteer Liability

Have you ever seen a volunteer event go terribly wrong? Imagine a summer block party put on by the neighborhood association, or the spring fling for a local charity. The weather is perfect. The turnout is outstanding. People are having a great time. Then, one guest starts having too much fun and one too many…

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