Client Spotlight – Michael Ryan – SouthRiver Technologies

In this installment of the Bowie & Jensen Client Spotlight, we visit with Michael Ryan, president of South River Technologies.

Michael has an incredible CV – he has worked at SafeNet, he started his own company (KnoWare), he invented the very first integrated-into-windows-explorer remote drive technology, he worked at several other startups (including Xdrive) and he has been the President of the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council.  Michael’s skills as a software engineer, security expert, entrepreneur and regional technology leader are well known.  But the subject of this post are not about his business accomplishments. 

Rather, we focus here on just one of Michael’s passions outside of work – mountain biking and more specifically, participating in numerous Iron Man triathlon’s.  While the rest of us were busy working, Michael was outside working out and participating in 9 triathlon events in 2012, finishing all but one of them (he became hypothermic on the last one in October and he smartly decided it was better to abandon it than end up in the hospital).

In these photos (inset left and right) he is seen completing the Ironman Pocono Mountains in September.  It was a 1/2 Ironman, meaning that the length was 70.3 miles instead of 140.6 miles, with each segment being cut in half with a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56.0 mile bike ride, then a 13.1 mile run. He had a personal best time on this one with a 5 hour, 22 min finish, which should have been 5:18 but he suffered a 4 minute penalty for drafting someone in front of him on the bike.  He ended up 23rd in his age group out of 121 men ages 45-49.




Of the 8 events he finished, he hit the podium in 3, with a 1st place in the Dragonfly Sprint Triathlon in Chestertown (photo left), a 2nd place in the North East Olympic Triathlon up in North East, MD and a 3rd place finish in the Delaware Diamond Man 70.3 Triathlon held in Bear, DE.  He missed a 4th podium by a mere :28, but he had stopped to give his daughter a big hug and kiss before starting the Run (which cost him a good 30-40 seconds), though that moment was worth much more than a medal to him.




 Michael summarizes his triathlon experience with these words of wisdom: “So many people are doing Triathlon for the goal of inspiring others to think beyond what they believe is possible, I had a blast this year and left each event more energized and inspired than before. It’s such a fun sport, and it’s filled with Type A’s, but in a good way. Everyone is cheering you on and inspiring you to test yourself. It’s competitive, but in a very positive manner as everyone is usually just competing against themselves to set a new personal best time.”

Bowie & Jensen congratulates Michael on these great accomplishments – they inspire us all to extend ourselves beyond work, and to have a good time making our way through life.