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Apple's Patent Law Judgment Against Samsung

In August, a jury  in the Northern District Court of California awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages after finding that Samsung infringed Apple’s utility and design patents with over 20 cell phone and three computer devices. The utility patents control the features that a phone or tablet can have, and design patents cover how…

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Business Law: Certifying A Successful Business and Governmental Programs to Assist Small Businesses

Owners of small businesses may qualify for specific programs through the Small Business Administration (“SBA”).  A variety of federal programs exist to provide small businesses with the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in subcontracts.  Specifically, a proportion of contracts are set aside for small business concerns.   While the total set-asides for a small business will…

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Verizon subscribers safe after patent close call, will cost them in the long run

In ACTIVEVIDEO NETWORKS, INC. v. VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS, INC., case available here Verizon mostly lost its appeal after a jury awarded the plaintiff substantial damages related to infringement of patents plaintiff held on video on demand services. The trial court also had awarded a permanent injunction against Verizon, which had it been upheld, Verizon would have…

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Beware of the inducement bogeyman

In AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. v. LIMELIGHT NETWORKS, INC. (Fed Cir. August 31, 2012) the en banc court held that a person can be liable for inducement to infringe even if the direct infringement is only found by combining the acts of more than one other person. You can read all 103 pages of the case…

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