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Defamation of a Business – the Customer is (Not) Always Right

With the evolution of the internet and social media/networking sites in particular, more options exist than ever when it comes to obtaining information about a prospective business partner, contractor, vendor, etc.  How your business monitors information published about it can mean the difference between a sale or new business relationship, and a failed deal. Defamation…

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Creating a Benefit Corporation

Many business owners and other individuals desire to operate a business that provides a societal benefit similar to those provided by tax-exempt charitable organizations but are deterred by the “non-profit” aspect of it.  A recently passed Maryland statute authorizes the creation of a Benefit Corporation, a new form of corporate entity in Maryland.  A Benefit…

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Collecting Accounts Receivables on a Construction Project

What are the best ways to secure payment and keep your company’s accounts receivables as low as possible? First and foremost, if you have a written contract, you must understand how it will affect your ability to get paid.  Most construction contracts contain clauses dealing directly with payment, payment requisitions, and disputes involving payments.  The…

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Court Tightens Restrictions on Discharging Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

A recent federal court decision held that a Maryland resident’s state tax debt was non-dischargeable in bankruptcy because she failed to notify Maryland tax authorities of an IRS adjustment that increased her federal adjusted income for certain tax returns. Recently, the United States District Court for the District of Maryland overruled a bankruptcy court’s decision…

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New Law Sets Standards, Accountability for Use of Powers of Attorney

A law arising from this past session of the Maryland legislature provides clearer rules and strict accountability for persons acting on behalf of others though powers of attorney. Known as “Loretta’s Law”, the new statute governing powers of attorney was passed partly in response to a news story of an elderly woman who appointed her…

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How to Commit a Crime and Not Even Know It

Appropriate Email Access – Know The Law! Depending on the configuration of the technology you access, you may unwittingly be characterized as a criminal simply by checking another’s email.  Knowing the law can help avoid this unwelcome predicament. In an instant-on, full time communication-aware society, there are many times when a person will not think…

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MSNBC: Priscilla K. Carroll first woman to be awarded MSBA honor.

Bowie & Jensen’s Priscilla K. Carroll becomes First Women to Receive MBSA “Distinguished Maryland Real Property Practitioner” Award.

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Avoid Trouble with the Maryland Unemployment Division

As employers struggle with sky-rocketing unemployment insurance premiums, some look to reorganization for relief. Unfortunately, most business reorganizations designed to reduce unemployment insurance rates are illegal and can result in serious trouble for employers. Maryland’s State Unemployment Tax Act (“SUTA”) prohibits employers from taking unlawful actions to lower their unemployment insurance tax rate below the…

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