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Timing Your Bond Claim

As private construction projects remain scarce, many subcontractors are focusing on public work. While the government will certainly eventually pay its general contractor, delays are likely and you can expect the party with whom you contracted to drag its feet on payment as well. However, you should not let your bond rights slip in trusting…

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Maryland General Assembly Update

The 2011 regular legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly was relatively quiet as far as changes to tax law are concerned. Nonetheless, there were a few changes of note for businesses and their owners: The sales and use tax on alcoholic beverages will increase from the generally applicable rate of 6% to 9% on…

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Protecting Your Work Online

Dilemma: You find out that a company has copied an article that you created from your website, and it is using it on its website as if it had written the article itself. You want to stop them from using your article but you do not have a copyright registration for anything on your website.…

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